nlNext Level Camps offer a few different elements but never exclude the great parts of the original CHWC. The Next Level camps include youth group bonding time with a youth group activity designed and provided by CHWC. The “youth group time” will challenge students to reflect and grow in their Catholic Faith. Next Level does not always mean more challenging work projects. Each camp is different.

Next Level Camps offer:

  • Daily Morning Mass
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Youth Group Sharing Time
  • Priest on CHWC Staff

Within the larger Catholic Church there are more 8th graders involved in Parish youth ministry programs than Juniors or Seniors. It is important CHWC take the opportunity to reach out to them while they are still interested and involved.  Therefore, CHWC wants to give the opportunity to serve to campers entering 8th grade in the fall of 2018 to serve. To accomplish this goal, CHWC is opening NEXT LEVEL camps that will allow 8th graders to participate.

Some Next Level camps are open to those entering 9th grade in fall of 2018 and older and some are open to 8th grade and older.

Original Workcamp Next Level Camp Elevate Camp
Daily Service Projects
Live Music (Praise & Worship and Modern)
Inspirational Media
Youth Interactive Programming
Outrageous Crowdbreakers
Dance Party
Motivational Messages
Daily Mass
Eucharist Adoration
Evening Youth Group Activity
Priest Serving on CHWC Staff
Worship Band
Keynote Speaker