These dates are subject to change and cities may be added/deleted.

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These numbers are accurate as of 1/19/2018. The numbers are constantly changing. Camps that have under 100 spots remaining are marked with the number they have left in red. Call the Workcamp Office (407) 678-0073 for a more accurate number of spots remaining.

   Original Camps are open to those that will be in the 8th grade in the fall of 2018 and older
heart-nl1   These Next Level Camps are open to those entering the 8th grade in the fall of 2018 and older
heart---nl   These Next Level Camps are open to those entering the 9th grade in the fall of 2018 and older
elevate  Elevate Camps are open to those entering the 9th grade in the fall of 2018 and older
heart---int  International Camps are open to those that will be in the 9th grade in the fall of 2018 and older
WEEK ONE      
heart---nl Milwaukee, WI June 10-16 28 LEFT
Mishawaka, IN June 10-16 FULL
heart-elevate Atlanta, GA June 10-16 41 LEFT
heart---nl New Orleans, LA June 10-16 OPEN
Philadelphia, PA June 10-16 FULL
heart---nl Knoxville, TN June 10-16 FULL
Virginia Beach, VA June 10-16 98 LEFT


elevate Louisville, KY June 17-23 3 LEFT
heart-nl1 Denver, CO June 17-23 FULL
heart---nl Hardeeville, SC June 17-23 9 LEFT
heart---nl Oklahoma City, OK June 17-23 FULL
heart---nl Champaign, IL June 17-23 FULL
heart---nl Richmond, VA June 17-23 3 LEFT
heart---reg Cumberland, MD June 17-23 FULL


heart---nl Fremont, NE June 24-30 FULL
heart---nl Dover, DE June 24-30 FULL
heart---reg Farmington, MI June 24-30 OPEN
heart---nl Plattsburgh, NY June 24-30 FULL
Groton, MA June 24-30 FULL
heart---nl Memphis, TN June 24-30 FULL
heart-elevate Nashville, TN (1) June 24-30 FULL
St. Croix – Summer (Previously St. Thomas) June 23-29 FULL


elevate Charlotte, NC July 1-7 OPEN
Gary, IN July 1-7 OPEN
heart---nl Muskegon, MI July 1-7 FULL
Boston, MA July 1-7 OPEN
heart---nl Charleston, SC (1) July 8-14 76 LEFT
elevate Kansas City, KS July 8-14 FULL
heart---nl Melb/Cocoa Beach, FL July 8-14 FULL
heart-nl1 Billings, MT July 8-14 15 LEFT
heart---nl Hartford, CT July 8-14 FULL
St. Louis, MO July 8-14 OPEN
Detroit Lakes, MN  July 9-15 OPEN
Grenada  July 7-13  FULL
heart---nl Charleston, SC (2) July 15-21 86 LEFT
heart---nl Nashville, TN (2) July 15-21 FULL
heart---reg Roanoke, VA July 15-21 OPEN
Wichita, KS July 15-21 OPEN
Morganton, NC July 15-21 FULL
heart-nl1 Huntingburg, IN July 16-22 FULL
Pittsburgh, PA July 15-21 OPEN
Rome & Assissi July 15-25 OPEN


heart---nl Twin Cities, MN July 22-28 30 LEFT
heart---nl Oil City, PA July 22-28 OPEN
heart---nl Greensboro, NC July 22-28 OPEN
heart-nl1 Springfield, IL July 23-29 OPEN
North Haledon, NJ July 22-28 FULL