Skit “By Your Side”

The skit will be performed on Wednesday night at Program.

You will have the opportunity to practice at camp with all the props cross, boxes signs, as a final walk through. We do ask you however to practice before you get to camp as best you can.

Characters (5-11 Needed)

  • Girl -Main character
  • Jesus
  • People in black Hoodies- 3-6 People
  • Priest


CHWC will provide everything needed except we ask you to bring either black t-shirts or black hoodies and black gloves for the people who will play this part.

Video of skit

Please follow the video as best you can we have made some Changes Listed below

Changes different from the Video

  • There will be no angels
  • There will be no one wearing red costumes
  • The Sign that says Cutting will say hurting self.


Girl- Hi Jesus I am so happy that I get to be spending this time with you right now.

I am so Thank I have the opportunity to be here with you here this week

I got to go to adoration and confession and it was such a blessed experience.

I also feel I have grown close to Christ I just realized I don’t want there to be any interruptions. (Beep cell phone). As I was saying I just want to focus on you. Right now (Beep) So I just want to focus on you.( Beep Beep) I know I said I don’t want there to be any distractions but I need to take this.. stay here.

Music for practice

CHWC will provide at camp

  • By Your Side – Tenth Avenue North
  • Bearing the Cross – The Passion Soundtrack
  • Lord I Need You – Matt Maher