hardeevilleJUNE 17-23



Hardeeville Middle/High School
150 Hurricane Alley
Hardeeville, SC 29927


This is a rural camp!  Buses are NOT PERMITTED because of dirt roads and driveways and lack of places for them to turn around. VANS are very much appreciated!!!!  In addition, some sites are as much as a 45 min drive from the school. But it’s a very rewarding camp because the people we serve are truly in need!

This camp is a “Next Level” Catholic HEART Workcamp. It is open to those entering the 9th grade in the fall of 2018 and older.


Lisa Garcia

lisa-hardeeville chaplain-tbd

Director: TBA


  • Showers: There are four locker rooms with separate showers for the adults, but that the boys’ locker room is communal.
  • Program Area: The program area is in the gym. There is ac, but it still tends to get a little warm since the temperature is not controlled within the building.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: The campers sleep in classrooms. It is a two-story school so guys and girls will be on separate floors.


In the years before the Civil War, rice and sea island cotton plantations brought great wealth to Beaufort County. Bluffton, in that time, was generally used as a “slave town” for the wealthy home owners on Hilton Head Island. Since this time Hilton Head Island has become a major tourist attraction, but many of the original slave families still dwell, in poverty, in an around Bluffton. CHWC is here to reach out to these families and to make a difference in the lives of those people who have been looked over and forgotten.

The majority of projects are home sites that need a lot of work. This tends to be a camp where campers learn new skills…it’s much more than painting.


Hilton Head Island Beaches

Only 20 minutes from Bluffton. Enjoy FUN and SUN on miles of beautiful beaches!

Broad Creek Kayak Company

Tours leave daily from The Old Oyster Factory Restaurant. Sunset & Sunrise and anything in between. Great trip.
Very relaxing and fun.

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