noJUNE 10-16



St. Clement of Rome School
3978 West Esplanade Ave.
Metairie, LA 70002


This camp is a “Next Level” Catholic HEART Workcamp. It is open to those entering the 9th grade in the fall of 2018 and older.


Matt & Cara Giuliano

no-manager chaplain-tbd

Director: TBA


  • Showers: The school does not have showers, so your patience will be needed as we get everyone a shower each day.  We have portable showers that will be temporarily constructed the week before camp. We will have a separate set of showers for males and females and we will have a shower schedule posted each day.  Please ask your campers to bring a swim suit for showering as there will not be individual stalls.  Campers will not be allowed to walk around in swim suits outside of the shower area.  Some sort of shower shoes is also strongly recommended as the showers are located outside of the school. There is no hot water, but the temperature in New Orleans during the summer is quite warm so the cool showers are a break from the heat.
  • Program Area: Program area is in an Air conditioned gym.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: The Archdiocese of New Orleans requires separate sleeping quarters for minors (under 18), young adults (18-20), and adults (21 and older). All the classrooms are air conditioned.  An adult from each group will need to sleep in the hallway outside the classroom of their own minors for supervision.


The French Quarter

The heart and cultural center of New Orleans is the French Quarter, a must-see for its high energy, rich history, diverse architecture, music, street performers, renowned jazz clubs, lively nightlife and the finest art galleries and restaurants in the city. 

Gray Line Tours

Gray Line, the world’s leader in sightseeing, has been showcasing New Orleans to visitors from around the world since 1924. Tours include: City tours, Plantation tours, Swamp/Bayou tours and Hurricane Katrina tours.

Steamboat Natchez

This is a great way to enjoy 3 attractions-in-one … New Orleans food and music during a cruise down the Mississippi. Since this is a real steamboat, you’ll hear the beautiful music of its calliope as you stroll through the French Quarter — just follow the sounds to the river!