toledoJUNE 4-10



St. Francis De Sales High School
2323 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43607


This camp is a “Next Level” Catholic HEART Workcamp. It is open to those entering the 9th grade in the fall of 2017 and older.


Bryce Roberts

bryce geoff bray


  • Showers: There are showers in both the guys and girls locker rooms. Girls have five individual showers, the boys are communal. There are separate shower times for youth and adults, since they use the same facilities.
  • Program Area: Program is in the gym. There is no air conditioning but we do rent very large fans. It is usually pretty comfortable except when we all get up to dance then it does get pretty warm.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: Campers sleep in classrooms… all the girls on one side of the school and all the boys on the other side of the school with the cafeteria and school offices separating them. The school has window air conditioners in each classroom where campers will be sleeping.

Additional Information
Early June (when our camp takes place) usually is the “coolest” couple of weeks of the summer in the Toledo area. Even though it can get hot during the day, it can get chilly outside at night. You could expect temperatures from highs in the 70s-90s to lows in the 50s-70s. It’s anyone’s guess what the weather could be like and that directly affects the temperature inside the sleeping and program areas.


Toledo offer a vast diversity of worksite opportunities!  We work primarily through local agencies to help support them in their mission of making our city a better place.  Work you can count on in Toledo includes:

  • House painting, repair, cleaning, etc.  Residential neighborhoods are all within part of the oldest sections of the city of Toledo.
  • Day care and summer camps for inner city children
  • Outreach programs to the poor and marginalized.  This includes homeless shelters, centers for women in need, homes for the elderly, and organizations that enhance mobility for those with disabilities.
  • Urban gardening throughout the inner city.  A local agency counts on CHWC each summer to help transform vacant urban lots into beautiful gardens rich with locally grown food!

Our sites are all within a 5 to 20 miles radius of the host school.


Cedar Point

There are amusement parks, and then there’s Cedar Point! Located under an hour away from the school, Cedar Point is located on the coast of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio and has been voted “Best Amusement Park in The World” six years in a row! There are also live shows, a beautiful beach, go carts, water park and more than 50 different food locations throughout the park and resort.

African Safari Wildlife Park

At the Midwest’s only drive-through safari, the animals come to you. Located just minutes west of Cedar Point, guests can enjoy free animal rides, daily animal shows and pig races.

The Toledo Zoo

Home to over 4,500 animals representing more than 700 species, The Toledo Zoo is one of the world’s most comprehensive zoos.

Splash Bay at Holiday Inn

Toledo’s newest full service hotel and Indoor Water park! The water park is equipped with waterslides, a lazy river, and a kiddie pool for everyone to enjoy. For $25 per person for the day (10am to 10pm) they can swim in an indoor water park that is only 20 minutes away from Cardinal Stritch High School! It just opened up the end of December 2007.


Maumee Bay State Park

Located just minutes from the school, Maumee Bay State Park offers not only the finest of recreational facilities in the Midwest, but also a unique natural environment created by the convergence of the land and Lake Erie. The balance of recreational facilities with the natural world gives visitors a diverse experience in a coastal environment.


Toledo Mud Hens Baseball

The farm team to the Detroit Tigers, the world-famous Mud Hens play at 5/3 Field in downtown Toledo which was completed just 2 years ago. With views of the Toledo skyline and seats right on top of the action, it’s a great way to enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

Tony Packo’s Cafe

A Toledo family tradition since 1932 and made famous by the TV Show M*A*S*H, Burt Reynolds was the first big name to eat at Packo’s and sign a hot dog bun, a precedent followed by scores of celebrities, including presidential candidates, whose autographed hot dog buns now are enshrined on Packo’s walls.

toledo meusem

Toledo Museum of Art

With over 30,000 works on display and free admission, the Toledo Museum of Art is recognized around the country and world as one of the truly great art museums. Tours are available for the jewel on the crown of the Glass City.