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Be a part of a MISSION to serve CHWC style! You will WORK, SERVE TIRELESSLY, THINK DEEPLY, CELEBRATE MASS and build relationships. You will dance, laugh till your side hurts, pray, change on the inside and be a part of transforming lives and communities FOR CHRIST! YOUR YOUTH GROUP WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

Dates & Locations

Catholic Mission trips with CHWC! Here are the dates and the locations for the summer of 2016. There is also a list of free day activities for each Workcamp city.

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What is Catholic HEART Workcamp? What will it be like? Why have so many said it was a memory that will last a life time? Find out why over 14,000 participants and over 500 Catholic Parishes are involved in 2016.

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Find out everything from "What should I wear?" to "How many teens can I bring?" There are many questions like those people have about Workcamp, these "frequently asked questions" are answered here.

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