“I AM”

These words can be found in the Bible hundreds of times.
They refer to God, who is the Great I AM.

Through all space and time,
God continues to declare “I AM who I AM”.

God is not dead;
He is not only the God of long ago.
He is the God who will always live forever and ever,
who is alive today and beckons us into relationship
by reassuring us, “I AM who I AM.”

He is the God we meet in the Eucharist,
in prayer, and in our service to His kingdom.

We are pulled in an overwhelming
number of directions when trying to discover our identity.
We seek belonging and purpose in so many places.
Still, the fullness of our worth can only be found in one place.
Our truest identity is being children of the Great I AM.

This summer, CHWC invites you
to ask yourself the question: “Who am I?”
Join us as we discover the answer to this question
by encountering the great I AM
through love, service, and connection to His people.