Mission trips are beautiful opportunities to spread the Good News to the poor, elderly, and handicapped and show them Christ’s love. The difficult part is that these mission trips are not free; the participants must raise money for their entire trip’s expenses. The neat part of raising funds is that people are able to participants in something bigger than them and it seems to be easier for people to donate to those that they know. Those who donate are able to experience the mission without actually going on the trip. A well executed fundraising event can have a big impact on charitable efforts, and there are many tactics that can be used to maximise funds. One of these is the use of promotional material, such as wristbands, which can be found at a site like SleekWristbands.com, and can not only be sold to raise money, but can be effective in creating awareness. I have complied a few fundraiser options that have helped me fundraise for my mission trips.

Bake Sale


Who doesn’t love homemade bake goods? Who can pass up goodies for a good cause? Not many people can/will pass up cookies. Get in contact with your priest and ask if you are able to have a bake sale following mass times, where all the proceeds goes to your mission trip. Take the time during the bake sale to inform the parishioners about the mission trip. Crack open those family recipes and start the ovens. Roll the dough to make the dough.

Car Wash


A lot of people do not like washing their car because it takes time and effort. With a lot of hands, a car wash does not take too long. Round up all the participants going on the mission trip and have a carwash after the last mass on Sunday. A good tip for a smooth carwash is to have groups in charge of one thing: watering the car, sponges and soap, rinsing, anddrying. It can be a “free” carwash, where donations are accepted.



The holiday season gets busy buying all the gifts, people may forget or have no desire to wrap their presents. This allows an opportunity to fund raise money, offer to wrap the Christmas gifts in exchange for donations. The trick for this fundraiser is to go to shops that you are able to buy in bulk or talk with managers to see if there is a way for a store to donate the wrapping paper.

Trivia Night


Test the knowledge of your friends, families, and parishioners. Trivia night can be a successful way to raise a large portion of funds and have a good time with friends. The main items needed for a trivia night is: projector and screen, slideshow presentations for the questions, tables and chairs, a group ready to help collect and score answers, and knowledgeable participants. It can be fun if you allow the teams to bring in their own food and have some food available to buy throughout the night! If you do know local companies, ask if they’d be willing to donate items for an auction. That would be an easier way to raise a good sum of the funds.

Homemade crafts


Do you like to pin DIY projects on Pinterest? This is a perfect opportunity to utilize those pins on Pinterest. Make several different crafts and sell them to raise fund for your mission trip. The specific way I raised money was I painted canvases or I took requests on canvas designs. The best time to promote the crafts is during the holiday season. The craft is more than just a gift, it is a gift that is spreading God’s love to all different people. A few ideas of crafts are: homemade ornaments, painted picture frames, t-shirt headbands. Anything that you feel like people would like to buy is something to consider crafting up. The key to make a bigger profit is buy supplies when they go on sale or when there is coupons. People really like to invest in homemade projects, especially when it is for a good cause.

These are just a few ways that helped me attend multiple mission trips. Throughout the entire process of fundraising, don’t forget to continue to communicate with God and ask for guidance. Prayer is a big part of the success to fund raising, remember Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things though Christ which strengthens me.” Good luck raising funds for your next mission trip!

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