Belize 2015!


All of the teams arrived safely in Belize today. The buses dropped us off at the work camp where we settled in for the week. In our spare time, some of us went out in small groups to the village Orangewalk and bought cold coca cola to sip on. After a delicious dinner of coconut rice and beans, chicken, plantains and potato salad, we gathered together for our evening meeting. There Zach went over the rules, the itinerary for the week, and talked about why we are here. We are all so looking forward to this week and what God has in store for us!




We attended Mass this morning at La Emaculada. Father Ed, our visiting priest, was the main celebrant today. The service was lovely, with some cultural differences mixed in with the music. After service, we hung outside the building visiting with the parishioners and enjoying the pleasant weather.


During the afternoon today, we visited the Lamanai Archeological Preserve, an area about an hour from where we are serving that contains the ruins of three Mayan temples. Most of us climbed the first two so that by the third, we were a bit fatigued. It was so enjoyable walking around the loop through the jungle and scaling these historical monuments. The team photo was taken in front of the largest temple out of the three called the High Temple.

At one point on the trail, we heard a loud distant sound that was not very unlike that of a Teranasaurus Rex! We detoured off the path and found the source: monkeys! There were several of them up high in the trees, and they were growling to scare away a circling vulture fom their baby. It turns out they didn’t much like us either as they started aiming their growl towards us along with some of the vegetation from the trees. Still, it was so interesting to see and held our attention for quite a long time.

After some shopping at a few souvenior huts, we loaded the buses and returned to the camp for our dinner and evening program, feeling “good-tired” and satisfied. It was a day full of adventure and exploration of God’s creative design here in Belize!44108


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  1. Mary Lisa June 30, 2015 at 3:33 am - Reply

    Three cheers to all of you this week!
    Our prayers are with you ~ Godspeed !!

  2. BELLA June 30, 2015 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    glad to know everyone is doing well GOd bless you all hope to see more pictures

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