CATgear Fundraiser


Our friends over at CATgear have been helping groups fundraise for all kinds of events for years. If you need an idea for a fundraiser, this is a great one! EVANGELIZE Great opportunity to “wear your faith on your sleeve!” BUILD COMMUNITY Wearing similar clothing sends the message that we really are in this together [...]

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The Value of Catholic School


Take it from me who went to Catholic school Kindergarten through 8th grade.  I could not wait to wear my own clothes, compete in sports in public school, and not go to mass more than once a week. I can remember my sisters asking my mom, “Do we have to go to church on Sunday? [...]

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Free T-Shirts from CHWC


CHWC is giving away bundles of free t-shirts for your youth ministry program to use any way you would like. Utilize them in your fundraising, as a thank you for those who support your ministry, for youth group incentives, or to promote your youth ministry. Simply call our home office 407.678.0073 or fill out the [...]

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5 Great Fundraising Ideas for CHWC


Mission trips are beautiful opportunities to spread the Good News to the poor, elderly, and handicapped and show them Christ’s love. The difficult part is that these mission trips are not free; the participants must raise money for their entire trip’s expenses. The neat part of raising funds is that people are able to [...]

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6 types of people you are guaranteed to see at CHWC


1. The Selfie Pro You know this type, and every camp has one. This camper will photo-document your whole week, every program, every car trip, every fresh coat of paint… all of their insta followers NEED to know about it. Always be ready for a photo-op, even when you look your unshowered, paint covered, sleep [...]

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Top 6 – Amazing road trip games


The CHWC Road Trip! It’s the best time of the year, time to go to Catholic Heart Work Camp for a week of service, prayer, and fun. But some of you might have a long trip ahead, and you need to make every second of this road trip with your youth group friends count! Instead [...]

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Letter from a former reluctant camper


This isn’t going to work. How could it? My mind is made up. I’m done with God. If it wasn’t for my mom practically begging me and my former youth minister’s persistence, I wouldn’t be at Catholic Heart Workcamp right now. I tried to explain to them it’s a waste of their breath and a [...]

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How to get the most out of a Homily


Every Catholic has been there. The Gospel finishes, we dutifully recite, “Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ,” and as we take our seats for the homily, we zone out. Growing up, I looked at the homily as a halftime break. After all the standing and singing and listening to readings, I could relax and sit [...]

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Looking for Summer Staff Members


Do you want to have the greatest summer of your life? Be a CHWC Summer Staff Member! This will be a summer you will never forget. 4, 6, and 7 week tours are available. Go to for more details. Deadline for all applicants is February 1st. Don't miss out!

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