Camper Paperwork
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This form must be filled out by all CHWC participants (Youth, Adults, Clergy, Etc.)

Example: Robert is called Bob
*Important: Please be sure to select the correct group you are attending with; selecting the wrong group may require you to fill out the form again.
*NOTE: We cannot guarantee what sizes will be available at camp but will do our best to fulfill your request.

Project Preference

*NOTE: It is not guaranteed that you will be assigned to the service project you chose. We ask you to have an open mind for the project that you are assigned and trust where God places you for the week.

Work Experience

Level 1 - I have never done this kind of work
Level 2 - I have helped someone else do this kind of work once or twice
Level 3 - I have done this kind of work once or twice on my own home improvement project
Level 4 - I could assist a professional to do this kind of work and be a competent helper
Level 5 - I do or could do this kind of work for a living
Example: Professional Experience in Construction, Electrical or Plumbing