Making 2019 Radiant

A New Year comes with new resolutions, new accomplishments, and new experiences waiting to be had. This can feel like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t feel the need to set outrageous goals for yourself.  Instead, decide how you want to look back on 2019 as a whole. If [...]

Making 2019 Radiant2021-12-21T09:28:28-05:00

Letter from a former reluctant camper

This isn’t going to work. How could it? My mind is made up. I’m done with God. If it wasn’t for my mom practically begging me and my former youth minister’s persistence, I wouldn’t be at Catholic Heart Workcamp right now. I tried to explain to them it’s a waste of their breath and [...]

Letter from a former reluctant camper2019-10-23T16:03:00-04:00

How to get the most out of a Homily

Every Catholic has been there. The Gospel finishes, we dutifully recite, “Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ,” and as we take our seats for the homily, we zone out. Growing up, I looked at the homily as a halftime break. After all the standing and singing and listening to readings, I could relax and [...]

How to get the most out of a Homily2019-10-23T13:29:44-04:00

11 Signs That You Went To CHWC

Because It Can Be Fun To Serve Others Whitney Markwica in The List on Nov 24, 2015 CHWC, or Catholic Heart Workcamp, is a place where hundreds of teens go every summer to help those less fortunate than themselves. While community service sounds like a punishment to a lot of people, anyone who went [...]

11 Signs That You Went To CHWC2020-11-11T16:56:47-05:00
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