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Our friends over at CATgear have been helping groups fundraise for all kinds of events for years. If you need an idea for a fundraiser, this is a great one!

Great opportunity to “wear your faith on your sleeve!”

Wearing similar clothing sends the message that we really are in this together

Wonderful vehicle to generate monies for your ministries


If your church or group needs to raise funds and would also like to evangelize and build community, then you may want to consider this “stimulus” plan. CATgear sends you 2-3 boxes of Catholic gear and your group sells the gear at a mark-up price to generate profit. Keep the shirts for a month and simply return the unsold items. Payment isn’t due until AFTER the month, so no out of pocket costs for your group. We do ask you to cover shipping charges. Interested? Let us know!


We also do custom screen print and embroidery orders for shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. If your group, church, school, business, etc. needs a custom order done, let us know. Our minimum order is 1 for embroidery with a one time $35 set up fee. For screenprinting our minimum order is 36 shirts and prices vary depending the number of colors, amount of shirts, etc. but prices start around $8 for a one color front and back. Yes, we can use your logo/design, please ask!


1. Let us know which items you prefer and about how many you’ll need. You know your market better than us, but we can give some input to help you out, too.
2. CATgear sends you the items about 2 weeks in advance so you can do pre-sales. Sales are always better if a few folks are already wearing the product.
3. Have a definite start and finish time for your fundraiser. Remember, a goal is a dream with a deadline! Use highly attended events and be creative. Also, let the folks know how you’ll use the money (NCYC, catechisms, HEART workcamps, etc.) as they’ll be more apt to get involved if they are part of the program by simply being in the know. You don’t want to get stuck with inventory, and we don’t want to be out inventory for extended periods of time.
4. You mark up the products (see below for pricing) to make a profit
5. Sell the items by making the easily displayed on tables or racks. If folks can see them, touch them, and try them on…even better.
6. Yes, we can fill orders if need be, just let us know what you need (design, size, color, etc.)
7. Return unsold items two weeks after the end of your fundraiser.
8. You pay only for cost of items sold as well as shipping and handling charges (to and from).

CAT Gear Pricing: Buying Price (Selling Price)

Shortsleeve T-shirts $9.00 each ($15.00)
Longsleeve T-shirts $14.00 each ($20.00)
Hats $10.00 each ($15.00)
Hoodies $23.00 each ($30.00)
Sweatshirts $18.00 each ($25.00)

Please add $2 per XXL item

Price Per Item is your cost.
Price in parentheses is the recommended selling price.

Prices DO NOT include shipping and handling.

If you are interested you can contact them here:


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