• Why are we not able to receive the $100 initial deposit back?

    • In your CHWC registration agreement, you acknowledge that the deposits are non-refundable. The reason for that agreement clause is that as soon as you register, and we have numbers of participants for the summer, we begin making expenditures for your camp. CHWC is a year-round organization and while you may only see the summer activities, almost half of our expenses are incurred by the end of spring. In other words, because of your registration, CHWC has spent in excess of $100 on your behalf.
  • Why are we being penalized because it was CHWC that closed camps not us?

    • CHWC’s preference was to offer camps this summer. Our camps were canceled based on the potential health risk of bringing 250 to 300 people together and spreading the Covid-19 virus. Shelter in place orders, social distancing guidelines, and travel restrictions from government leaders were put in place order to limit the spread of the virus. Our campers sleep in close proximity to one another, eat together, have mass and program next to one another, and work in teams. Additionally, the participants are out in the community, and a significant portion of the population we help includes the elderly and disabled, who are some of the most vulnerable to this virus. The risk of even one person coming to camp with the virus or being exposed to it at a site was too great. In addition, most of the school sites canceled our use of their facilities as our home base of operations. For these reasons and in order to do our part in being socially responsible, CHWC had to cancel all camps for the summer.
  • When can we expect our refund?

    • CHWC intends to send refunds to those who have requested it when they become available. We have applied for funds under the various stimulus programs available and have applied for government funding, payment protection plan (PPP) and bank loans. Insurance claims have been submitted but are unsettled due to exclusion of loss due to virus or bacteria. Everyone is suffering from this pandemic, including CHWC, in ways never imagined. CHWC does not receive grants, outside financial assistance, or have a reserve of money in the bank for emergencies such as the current pandemic. We are solely dependent on registration fees, including deposits, to fulfill the financial obligations necessary to offer camps each summer. CHWC has skimmed and cut our expenses to an absolute minimum to keep our ministry moving forward. Offering Catholic HEART Workcamp requires extensive year-round planning and corresponding year-round spending. These year-round costs and expenses are incurred whether camp operates in the summer or not. When registration takes place in September, money begins to be spent on all things that are essential to delivering various elements of CHWC for the next year. Once we have received word from the government and banks, we will be in touch with your refund information.
  • Can I receive a refund for my spots and put the nonrefundable deposits toward a credit for 2021?

    • No, any spot(s) you choose to receive a refund for will result in a loss of that respective $100 deposit ($295 for Rome).
  • Can our group stay in the same camp location for 2021?

    • Yes. If you choose to take the credit, on the form you will be able to select that you would like to stay in the location you are registered for in 2020. You will then be able to register for the same location in 2021. More information on this unique registration process will be sent prior to 2021 registration opening (fall of 2020). *Please note that dates and locations for CHWC 2021 may not be the same as they were for 2020. All dates and locations are subject to change.
  • What if our group wants to switch camp locations for 2021?

    • If you choose a credit and would like to switch camp locations for 2021, you will be able to do so when 2021 registration opens in the fall. Once you have registered for a 2021 camp, the credit will be applied to your new 2021 invoice and you will be responsible for any remaining balance due once the credit has been applied.
  • Will the credit cover the number of spots we are registered for or a dollar amount?

    • For those who have requested a credit toward 2021, it will be for the dollar amount that you have paid up to the time of the request. The credit will not be for a specific number of spots. Therefore, you will be able to adjust the number of spots when you register for 2021 and the dollar amount currently in your account will be applied to your new 2021 invoice. You will be responsible for any remaining balance due once the credit has been applied.
  • What if our credit is more money than the amount we ned for our group’s 2021 registration?

    • If your 2021 registration is less than what your credit is valued, you would be able to keep the remainder as credit to be used if you add campers or for 2022 registration. The money will remain in the parish’s account with CHWC.
  • Can we opt to do partial credit and partial refund?

    • Yes. As a reminder, for any spot(s) you choose to request a refund for, you will lose that respective $100 deposit. We are able to provide refunds for the amount of the payment that was made on the spot(s) that you would like refunded and retain the value of the remaining spots as a credit. If you need a certain number of spots to be refunded but would like to keep the rest of the spots as a credit for 2021, please email [email protected] with the Subject Line: Credit/Refund Split.
  • In the event that the state of the country is considerably better concerning the coronavirus, and mandates/shutdowns are lifted, will CHWC reconsider offering any 2020 camps?

    • If the shutdown of our country and stay at home orders are lifted, CHWC would explore the idea of offering a few camps this summer. We will keep all contact leaders up to date with any changes.
  • If I take a credit now and later decide not to attend CHWC 2021, can I request a refund at a later date?

    • No, if you choose to receive a credit, you will not be able to request a refund at a later date. We ask for your decision to be submitted by May 15th through this form or this form for Rome. After that point, if you find that you cannot attend CHWC 2021, we will keep the credit in the parish’s account and it will be available to be used for CHWC 2022.