We work in cooperation with various agencies in each city to choose the sites and work projects. These agencies exist to improve the lives of low-income families, children and the elderly. Sites are chosen according to their need for repairs and assistance. We choose sites where teens and young adults can accomplish the work without requiring special skills. Troubleshooters are utilized to tackle more complicated projects. They will either complete the work themselves or instruct and guide the campers on how to complete the work.

As Catholics, we are called to “serve the least of these.” We have a responsibility to help others, which in the case of CHWC includes the poor and middle class. Jesus constantly talked about helping and feeding the poor. CHWC hopes the service week will give campers an opportunity to grow in their Catholic faith. Many campers are able to learn more about God from the residents they serve. Some feel they have met God through a person in a low-income area. CHWC hopes campers can see the incredible generosity and hospitality from people who are considered “the least of these.”