CHWC’s bottom line is the safety of its campers. As a service organization, this is our top priority in choosing which communities we will be involved with.

Each worksite will have at least one adult per small work group. No camper under 18 years old will be allowed to use power tools. Adults who have experience using power tools may use them at the worksites. Every participant is asked to bring protective safety gear and wear closed-toe shoes. Campers are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them in preparation for hot weather and manual labor, and they are allowed frequent breaks.

Home repair projects are well organized and prepared. First-aid kits and emergency care instructions will be available at every worksite. Medical facilities are located a short distance from every site. Every safety precaution is exercised to produce a safe and injury-free atmosphere.

Unfortunately, no neighborhood is 100% ensure to be safe and secure. There are no communities free of crime. CHWC’s policy is to remove work teams from the worksite if they do not feel comfortable. In some cases, teams may choose to finish their work project if the whole team feels comfortable enough to do so. CHWC will contact the local police when we have work teams in neighborhoods that have a high crime rate. CHWC does not send campers to places where there is a clear risk of violence, crime, danger or deemed unsafe. CHWC does not haphazardly send teens into unsafe neighborhoods. The safety of campers is our highest concern.