*If you are interested in any of these positions, please check off “Associate Staff” or “Troubleshooter” on your application. If you are a priest or nurse, please indicate that on your application as well.

ASSOCIATE STAFF (21 years or older): Help prepare and serve breakfast and dinner as well as clean up after meals. They also do other jobs such as empty trash, take pictures at the worksites and run errands. They will have several hours of free time each day – usually in the late morning or early afternoon before campers return from their worksites. These adults do not participate in worksite projects. Associate staff is often a good option for adults who want to attend camp but are unable to lead groups at worksites due to a health condition.

TROUBLESHOOTERS (21 years or older): People with experience in construction who are willing to work at a variety of job sites assisting groups that may have a more complicated or more work-intensive project. They also assist the Workcamp tool manager, deliver and pick up tools or supplies from worksites and run to local hardware stores in the evenings.

NURSE (21 years or older): Certified medical personnel who helps at the “home base” whenever a minor medical problem arises (sunburn, twisted ankle, headaches, etc). This person has the option of being on a work team and going to a worksite or staying at the home base and working behind the scenes with the Workcamp staff.

PRIESTS/CHAPLAINS: Help with Eucharist celebration though out the week and with Reconciliation. Priests are assigned a team and go to worksites unless they choose to work behind the scenes with the Workcamp staff.