Please see our Registration Info page for specific information on registration prices.

The registration fees are needed to carry out the ministry of HEART Workcamp. These fees pay for the operational cost of maintaining the business side of CHWC. We are totally dependent on registration fees to meet our financial obligations. We do not receive grants or any other outside financial assistance.

The registration fee covers:

  • All meals during Workcamp (except on free day)
  • Rental costs of facilities in each city
  • Liability insurance
  • Supplies and materials
  • Morning and evening program materials
  • Worksite plans
  • Summer and full-time staff salaries
  • Summer travel costs (including gas and insurance on staff vehicles)
  • Advertisement and promotions
  • T-shirts
  • Marketing
  • Giveaways for each participant
  • Contributions to other ministries
  • Dues and resource subscriptions
  • Equipment rental
  • Office supplies
  • Print materials cost
  • Computer and copy machine maintenance
  • Musicians
  • Expenses for developing future workcamps

*The registration fee does not cover free day expenses or attendees’ transportation costs.

Catholic HEART Workcamp partners with local agencies in identifying work projects. The purchasing of materials is a joint effort between CHWC, local social agencies and residents. This activates agencies and residents to have more ownership and pride in the work projects and helps us keep our registration fee as one of the lowest priced service camps in the country. CHWC takes seriously the authority, responsibility and call from God seriously to develop and maintain an organization that is ethical, honest and fair. We are knowledgeable of the responsibility to be good stewards of the talents and finances God sends our way.

CHWC is both a ministry and business. As a ministry, it’s amazing to witness all that God is doing through young people and the movement of His Spirit. As a business, we have grown in the areas of professionalism and organization. The focus of CHWC has always been on sharing the Good News of Jesus with participants and serving others. Our goal has never been on financial profits, though we cannot exist as an organization without meeting our financial obligations.