Humor, fun and laughter help Catholic HEART Workcamp create a relaxed atmosphere. Being silly gives campers permission to be themselves and humor breaks down barriers. Campers’ resistance decreases, walls come down and stress is relieved when campers are laughing and having a good time. It speaks volumes to kids who seldom laugh at a church event or say “church is boring”.

Humor is a vital part of the Catholic HEART Workcamp experience because it helps achieve our ultimate goal, which is to motivate teens to serve Jesus. Part of the success of CHWC comes from creating humor that is relevant to the youth culture. It can be difficult to find or create icebreakers and activities that create laughs and is not R-rated or childish while also speaking the language of teens. When campers have fun singing and participating during the first part of the program, they are much more likely to be open and receptive to the serious part of the evening. Humor is the doorway for CHWC to gain the “right to be heard”.