Elevate (Entering 9th & Up)JULY 21-27

Home Base

Niagara University
5795 Lewiston Road
Niagara University, NY 14109


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Manager: Tim Kozyra & Sarah Fleissner
[email protected]

Director: Zach Walker

Musician: Quinn Furnald & band

Chaplain: Fr. Matthew Conley

Keynote Speaker: Noah Bongiovanni

Camp Details

  • Sleeping Arrangements: Leave your air mattress at home! College dorms: 2 to a room; girls have 2 floors, boys have 1 floor.
    • Personal Bed Linens: To ensure everyone’s comfort during their stay, we kindly request that each participant bring their own bed linens. This includes sheets, pillowcases, and any additional bedding you may require.
  • Showers: College dorm showers (32 for girls and 16 for boys)
  • Program Area: Conference area adjacent to the dining room.
  • Meals: Standard lunch provided by CHWC, breakfast & dinner by Niagara University
  • Additional Info: Niagara University is a Catholic University located on the outskirts of Niagara Falls. Rooms are not air-conditioned, but the average temperature is 80º (high) and 60º (low). Hot breakfasts, numerous lounge and gathering areas, indoor basketball courts, and a great college atmosphere.

*As a condition of utilizing Niagara University as our host location, all participants must observe the following terms:

  • Contact Information Sharing: As part of our collaboration, CHWC will share detailed contact information of all youth attendees with the university’s Admissions team. This information will encompass parents’ or students’ home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and the respective year in high school.
  • Admissions Presentation and Campus Tours: As part of our partnership, the university’s Admissions department will dedicate time to deliver a comprehensive one-hour presentation. Additionally, participants will take a guided tour of our campus, providing a deeper insight into university life.
  • All adults 18+ will need a background check through the state of NY.


  • We will work on the Tuscarora Indian reservation and in the city of Niagara Falls, doing projects like building wheelchair ramps, home improvement, cleaning & organizing, yard work, working with children, working at soup kitchens, working with park districts, painting, etc.


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls consists of three magnificent waterfalls spanning the border of Canada and New York.

Maid of the Mist

The double-decker boat tour takes plastic-poncho-sporting passengers right up to the base of the Horseshoe Falls, which spans an incredible 2,200 feet in width.  The ride provides passengers with a new perspective on the Falls and an appreciation for just how powerful they really are.

Cave of the Winds

An elevator takes people from the area between the American and Canadian Falls down to the level of the Niagara River at the base of the American Falls. A series of redwood decks and platforms allow sightseers to walk right up to the base of the Bridal Veil Falls with water crashing down right on them and flowing beneath the decking.

Niagara Falls State Park

A huge expanse of natural beauty, this oldest state park in the U.S. offers biking, fishing, and contains plenty of hiking and walking trails, including the Niagara Gorge Trail System, which affords great views of both the falls and the gorge.

Niagara Gorge Trail

Suits both scenic strollers and challenge-driven climbers. The Rim Trail, at the top of the gorge, provides a picturesque overlook of the river. Those pursuing a more adventurous hike may wish to descend the steps to the gorge to view the rapids via the moderate Devil’s Hole or the difficult Whirlpool Rapids Trail.

Goat Island

Goat Island sits in the middle of the American and Canadian falls, offering many walking trails and viewing points of the surrounding landscapes.

Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Center

This Heritage Center celebrates the city’s history of Underground Railroad abolitionists and freedom seekers.