Jesus takes the world’s view and turns it upside down.

Worldly authorities seek power, prestige, beauty and winning at all cost.
Jesus’ counter-cultural message however, is a call to turn the social ladder upside-down.

Scripture is filled with upside-down paradoxical statements.
“In order to gain life you must lose it” or “God’s power is made perfect in weakness”.
Jesus says, “Whoever wants to be first will be last and the servant of all in the kingdom of God”.
Mark 10:43 states whoever wants to become great must be a servant.

Jesus demonstrated radical opposition to the dominant culture by serving and making friends with those in need.
He was a servant who triumphed by losing.
He traded victory and power for hanging out with the poor and forgiving his enemies.
His approach is not measured by what people have but on what they give.

Gods’ ways are not our ways, they are better.

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