The CHWC Road Trip!

It’s the best time of the year, time to go to Catholic Heart Work Camp for a week of service, prayer, and fun. But some of you might have a long trip ahead, and you need to make every second of this road trip with your youth group friends count! Of course, make sure you are completely insured for your trip ahead. If you aren’t, then you may want to look at instant car insurance with no deposit.

Instead of spending the hours on the bus glued to your smart phone, which isn’t always a bad thing if you are playing songs for kids to calm them down, it is also beneficial to find ways where the team can bond with one another!

Game #1: My Cows

The rules to My Cows are simple, as you’re driving, keep a sharp eye out for any fields with cows in them. The first player to shout out MY COWS when you pass a field with cows gets a point.

If you pass other animals, such as goats, bison, sheep, camels (true story that happened in wyoming), you get half a point.

If your car or bus passes a cemetery, the first player to point and yell out CEMETERY gets to choose another player to lose their points. Cemeteries reset players back to 0, so try not to make enemies in your bus who might hit you with the cemetery.

If you pass a Dairy Queen, the first person to call it gets 10 points! Points are totaled at the end of each leg of the trip, such as gas station to lunch stop, etc.

Game #2: License Plate Bingo

There are a few different ways to play this game, our favorite way takes a little preparation. Print out maps of the US, draw your route with a marker. Any state that touches a state on your route is worth 10 points, states that touch 10 point states are worth 20 points, states that touch 20 point states are worth 30 points.

Split your car up into two teams, the best way is to do Driver vs. Shotgun, first person to call the license plate gets the points, most points by the destination wins!

Game #3: Name That Tune

The person riding Shotgun plays DJ, and puts their phone/iPod on shuffle… the first person to yell out the name of the song correctly gets a point.

Play from stop to stop, bonus round: the person who calls the song at the beginning plays guess the lyrics now… the DJ stops the song halfway through and the person who called the title has to fill in the next few lyrics, 1 point if correct, -1 if incorrect!

Game #4: Who Am I?

One person covers their ears, and the rest of the car decides a person or character for them from real life, from a book or from TV.

When the player uncovers their ears, they can ask yes or no questions to the rest of the car and try to figure out who they are. The player in the car that figures it out in the least amount of questions wins!


Group: “Ok we decided, uncover your ears!”
Player: “Am I a boy?”
G: “Yes!”
P: “Am I from a movie?”
G: “Yes!”
P: “Am I human?”
G: “No!”
P: “Are people trying to find me?”
G: “Yes!”
P: “Am I Nemo??”
G: *Applause*

Game #5: The Alphabet Game

Looking at road signs and billboards, find all 26 letters of the alphabet in order. The goal is to finish the alphabet with your whole car, but for every letter you find and call you get a point, at the end of the alphabet the player with the most points wins!

Game #6: Yellow Car

The first person to point at and call a yellow car they see on the road gets a point, if you see a yellow Hummer you win the game! Play from stop to stop, this is much harder than you think.

Other fun things to do:

Go to your lunch stops in costume


Write “Honk if you love Jesus” on your windows, wave to people and try to make friends on the highway!


Get your enthusiasm levels up and ready for a great week at camp!