Sharing Christ’s Love, Serving Others, Growing in Faith

Transformative Catholic Mission Trips that Inspire Discipleship


Discover a community where faith comes alive through service. Catholic Heart Workcamp invites you to embark on a transformative journey of love, purpose, and connection. Through meaningful service projects, spiritual growth, and lifelong friendships, we equip Catholic youth to impact their world and deepen their relationship with God.

Empowering Catholic Youth for Meaningful Service

Many Catholic youth are eager to make a difference in the world while deepening their Catholic faith. They seek a transformative program that empowers them to love as Jesus did, serve others with compassion, and form genuine connections rooted in their Catholic identity.

Mission Trips with Purpose: Experience the Heart of Service with Catholic Heart Workcamp

Catholic Heart Workcamp offers a life-changing experience where youth can engage in hands-on service projects, deepen their faith, and form lifelong connections. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the richness of the Catholic faith, our program is designed to ignite their hearts, empower them to make a meaningful impact, and foster personal growth.

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Real Stories, Real Joy

Hear from Catholic youth who have experienced the transformative power of Catholic Heart Workcamp, witnessed the love of Christ in action, and formed meaningful connections. Their stories of personal conversion deepened faith, and the lives they’ve touched over our 30-year history will inspire you.

Trusted and Proven for Over 30 Years

With a legacy of serving communities and nurturing the Catholic faith for over 30 years, Catholic Heart Workcamp is a trusted and respected organization within the Catholic community. Our commitment to living out the love of Christ, fostering spiritual growth, and impactful service sets us apart.

Explore Our Transformative Camp Experiences

Strike a balance between service, spiritual growth, and building connections

Dive deeper into service, leadership, and faith formation

Embark on a global adventure, serving and learning in different cultures.

Affordable Pricing Packages

We believe that transformative service experiences should be accessible to all. Catholic Heart Workcamp offers competitive pricing packages, ensuring that Catholic youth can embark on their transformative journey without financial barriers.

Join the Catholic Heart Workcamp Family: Love. Serve. Connect.

Become part of the Catholic Heart Workcamp experience and embrace the call to love selflessly, serve with purpose, and connect deeply with God and others. Reserve your spot today and embark on a transformative journey of discipleship.”

How to Get Involved

Follow these simple steps to join Catholic Heart Workcamp and begin your transformative service journey. Register online, select your preferred Catholic Heart Workcamp location, and get ready to embody the love, service, and connection that our tagline represents.