Next Level
Daily Service Projects
Daily Mass
Priest Serving on CHWC Staff
Live Music (Praise & Worship and Contemporary)
Eucharistic Adoration
Witnesses & Inspirational Messages
Youth Interactive Programming
Daily Rosary
Outrageous Crowd Breakers (Carpenter Commandos)
4-Corners (Prayer experience with Reconciliation)
Evening Youth Group Activity / Prayer Time
Dance Party
Presentation by Keynote Speaker Each Night
2 Musicians
Optional afternoon discussion/reflection for small group deeper discussion with priest/keynote speaker

International Camps

Our international camps run similar to Next Level camps, while on a slightly smaller scale.

There are all the parts of camp everyone loves: daily service projects, rosary, and Mass, live music with incredible musicians, Adoration, 4 Corners, witness talks, interactive games and programming, and of course, our light show to end the week on a bright note.

For details on our St. Croix camp, visit the camp page here.

For details on our Rome camp, which runs on an adjusted schedule with a different camp experience, please see the Rome camp page.