Join us this summer and explore how we are Made For More.

Jesus came so we could have life to the fullest. Life with Him offers MORE. Because of Jesus, we can have a life of abundance. Of greatness. A life MORE fulfilling, satisfying, and remarkable than we can imagine.

A life with Christ is what we were made for.

We are God’s masterpiece, created for a purpose and destiny. Scripture is filled with Him telling us of the great works we are capable of. We were created to be more than bystanders. Christ invites us into a beautiful existence of being loved by Him and calls us to share that love with others through the unique gifts He has given each of us. He fills us up so we can overflow into the lives of others.

Join us this summer and discover MORE ways to use your gifts, experience MORE self-love, & embrace MORE of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

More Love.

More Service.

More Connection.

More Hope.

More Joy.

More Fulfillment.

More Peace.

We were made for more.

More than this earthly world asks of us.

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