Host Youth Group

To become a host youth group, please review the following info and then complete the sign-up form below!

Host youth groups to receive:

  • A cash donation (dollar amount depends on the time given, more info below)
  • Opportunity to experience the evening programs
  • Free dinner each day
  • A spirit of community
  • Interact with great people and make new friends


  • At least 5 members but no more than 10 volunteers.
  • Host youth group sleeps at their own homes & does not attend a worksite.
  • Volunteers to comply with the grade level requirements of the camp.
  • Should be mature, responsible, and servant leaders.
  • Young people are to be supervised by an adult from your group (21 or older).
  • Fill out the required paperwork (provided upon signing up).
*Unlisted camps already have a designated host youth group.
Example: St. James, Orlando FL

For mailing a check, if your group will be accepting payment