Host Youth Group

While you are serving, we need your help in the following areas. You can choose to do all of these things or only a few.

  • On the day before the camp begins (Saturday), help unload the CHWC Truck (this is usually around 3:00 pm). Also, assist in moving desks in the classrooms, sweeping floors, hanging signs and cleaning where needed.
  • On the first day of camp (Sunday), assist in last minute set-up details, greet campers and help groups unload their vehicles.
  • Help serve and clean up the dinners every night.
  • Help reload the CHWC truck on Thursday night and/or Friday morning.
  • On the final morning of camp (Friday or Saturday), assist the CHWC staff with cleaning the school, returning desks, sweeping floors, etc.
  • A cash donation (dollar amount depends on time given)
  • A free camp t-shirt
  • Opportunity to experience the evening programs on Tuesday and Thursday
  • A spirit of community among your group
  • Interact with great people and make new friends.
  • Free dinner each day
  • A blessing from God for being His servant!

While being a local youth group serving at CHWC we do require…

  • Each person to fill out a medical release form/release of all claims.
  • Your youth group to sleep at their own homes.
  • At least five members but no more than ten volunteers.
  • You choose mature, responsible, servant leaders.
  • Young people to be supervised by an adult (from your group) at all times.
  • Your group does not attend a worksite.
  • Volunteers to comply with the grade level requirements of the camp.

Catholic HEART Workcamp will offer your youth group a cash donation for helping behind the scenes or your group can volunteer free of charge!

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