Registration 2021

  • Oct 5th-Nov 12th: For 2020 participants staying in the same location.
  • November 13th, 11am EST: For 2020 participants selecting a new location.
  • November 20th, 11am EST: For the general public/anyone that did not sign up in 2020.

NOTE: All contact leaders from 2020 should have received an email with updates from last summer and details on registration. If you did not receive an email please let us know by contacting [email protected]

  • Only for those who are new to CHWC or did not register in 2020.
  • Creating an account before registration day will help speed up your registration!
  • Be sure to save your login information as this will be your account for all future years.
  • NOTE: You must be logged into your account in order to register.

NEW! In the interest of fairness and to ensure a smooth registration process, we have added a “virtual waiting room” for this year’s registration.

  • A virtual waiting room is a cloud-based service made to control website traffic without the risk of slowdowns or crashes. It is an environment where users are queued and then given access in a controlled manner. The waiting room will keep users informed while on the queue page with wait times and the number of people ahead in the virtual line.

How will it work?

  • Anyone that visits the registration page before 11am EST will be put into a “pre-queue” and allotted a randomized number in the virtual line (“queue”) when registration opens.
  • Anyone that visits the registration page after 11am EST will be added to the virtual line (“queue”) on a first come first serve basis.



What happens when it is my turn? 

  • When it’s your turn you will automatically be redirected to the registration page where you will be able to select your camp and complete your registration.

Reminder: You must be logged into your account in order to complete your registration.