Because It Can Be Fun To Serve Others
Whitney Markwica in The List on Nov 24, 2015

CHWC, or Catholic Heart Workcamp, is a place where hundreds of teens go every summer to help those less fortunate than themselves. While community service sounds like a punishment to a lot of people, anyone who went to CHWC knows just how great it can be. Here are some signs that you have been a part of this program.

1. You have had to explain to your friends that doing community service was actually a great part of your summer.

Most of your friends don’t understand this but that’s only because they haven’t gone.

2. You have made extremely close bonds with people from all around the country.

You may not keep in touch with all of them now but you will always have the memories.

3. You know how to get up early and have enough energy for a long exciting day.

Breakfast at 6:45 doesn’t set you up for a lot of sleep, but you belted out songs every morning anyways.

4. You know that Taco Tuesday is a very real holiday.

There is no greater day than Taco Tuesday!

5. And that taco is Spanish for taco.

“Taco taco that’s Spanish for taco!”

6. You had to come to accept that you would either have to get up at the crack of dawn or wait in extremely long lines to take a shower.

And that the water might be cold or worse, have no water pressure.

7. You either love or completely despise Uncrustables.

You still are not sure how you managed to eat so many of them.

8. You know that there is no better time than a dance party.

“You spent all week learning dance moves and hand signs to random songs and dance party was your time to shine.”

9. After a day at your site you usually came back looking like this

You weren’t allowed to have paint fights, but you somehow managed to get yourself covered head to toe anyways.

10. You swear the week you went to camp was always the hottest week to the year.

You had to drink so much water just to stay hydrated!

11. But you know you would do it all again because CHWC was always a great time.