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Getting You to Catholic Heart Workcamp

Preparing for camp comes with a lot of steps: prayers, planning meetings, and packing, among many other things. We know sacrifices are made to get your youth group to camp, one being the fundraising of costs. We have seen all kinds of creative and successful fundraising ideas throughout the years, so we wanted to [...]

Getting You to Catholic Heart Workcamp2019-02-26T14:15:10-04:00

Go International this Year

The news is out! World Youth Day Panama has come to a close with the announcement that World Youth Day 2022 will be in Lisbon, Portugal. With the news of the impending pilgrimage to Portugal, we are excited to reminded you of the joy experienced throughout our international camps each summer. If organizing a [...]

Go International this Year2019-02-13T17:30:27-04:00

Making 2019 Radiant

A New Year comes with new resolutions, new accomplishments, and new experiences waiting to be had. This can feel like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t feel the need to set outrageous goals for yourself.  Instead, decide how you want to look back on 2019 as a whole. If you [...]

Making 2019 Radiant2019-01-29T17:06:32-04:00

Do You Miss Your CHWC Staff?

Do You Miss Your Staff? Happy-Almost-Christmas Campers!! We hope the last few months have been filled with “Echoes” of the summer reverberating throughout your hometowns. If you’re in need of a small reminder to put you back into a servant mindset and hype you up for the summer to come, we’ve got just the [...]

Do You Miss Your CHWC Staff?2019-01-08T18:56:57-04:00

New Year, New Theme, Same Mission

This summer, we gather to celebrate our call to be radiant followers of Christ. We will love as He loved, serve as He served, and boldly put our faith into action. James 1:22 reminds us that we are to be "doers of the word and not merely hearers".  In other words, we are called to [...]

New Year, New Theme, Same Mission2018-11-27T14:50:21-04:00

Should you choose CHWC as your Catholic mission trip this summer?

Why Catholic Heart WorkCamp? In this day and age, there are so many summer camps, service programs, catholic mission trips, conferences, and other opportunities available that it may seem impossible to narrow it down and determine which option is best for your group. Why should you pick Catholic Heart Workcamp? Is CHWC the best [...]

Should you choose CHWC as your Catholic mission trip this summer?2018-11-15T14:05:41-04:00