Preparing for camp comes with a lot of steps: prayers, planning meetings, and packing, among many other things. We know sacrifices are made to get your youth group to camp, one being the fundraising of costs. We have seen all kinds of creative and successful fundraising ideas throughout the years, so we wanted to provide you with a short list of potential fundraising plans that may help your group cover the expenses of a summer mission trip with Catholic Heart Workcamp:

1. Pancake Breakfast

Provide pancake breakfast plates after masses on a Sunday morning and let the youth serve as waiters and waitresses for the donors. You can either charge per plate or simply ask for donations by placing donation jars on each table. A way to cut costs is to ask for ingredient donations or for your local Knights of Columbus to donate to the cost of supplies.

2. Flower Sale

Bulk flowers can be bought fairly cheap, if you sell them slightly marked up you can use the profit for your Catholic Heart trip this summer. The buyers will be reminded of the service you are providing when they see the flowers blooming in their yard. You could even include a prayer card with each purchase asking the buyer to pray for your group this summer every time they pass their flowers.

3. Basketball/Softball/Kickball Tournament

Have a small entrance fee, a team registration fee, and, potentially, a raffle of donated items in between games. Plus, the fun of the game and social night will be enjoyed by all! You could even make simple t-shirts for the event.

4. Rummage Sale

Everyone can declutter and find a few things to sell. Instead of giving to Goodwill this spring, try holding a rummage sale and use the profits to benef your youth group. This is a great way to involve grandparents and encourage family bonding by sorting through your basement or attic together.

5. Babysitting/Parent’s Night Out

This one takes a bit of planning and, depending on your turn out, a number of volunteers. Offer a night of babysitting for the parents of your church so they cam have a worry-free date night. Parents can drop off their kids and your teens (and maybe a few adult chaperones) can play games and entertain, making sure all fingers and toes are accounted for when the parents return from a child-free dinner and movie. A set price or donations can be established.

6. Lent Indulgence Drop

When Lent begins lots of people give up something they purchase daily.  Be it coffee, a soda, or breakfast on the way to work, by giving up this indulgence, they are left with money that would typically be going to a Starbucks cash register. Set up a table outside the church doors asking for Lent Indulgence Donations, the money they usually spend on daily or weekly indulgences can be donated to your teens trip to serve others this summer.

7. (The Tried and True) Bake Sale

There’s a reason it’s a classic.

If you have a creative fundraising idea that helps you get to CHWC this summer, let us know in the comments below and check out our available camps here